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Comprehensive Orientation tour(at extra charge)
• Airport pick-up, all hotel arrangements
• Medical and dental clinics introductory visit
• Schools and kindergartens introductory visit
• Introduction to Expatriates communities, social organizations, sports and religious groups
• Introductory visits to local educational facilities for adults, including Chinese language study
• Enjoyable and practical tours of locations relevant to expatriates, including banks, post offices, airlines, supermarket with imported food, etc.
• Visits to antiques shops, art galleries, furniture, silk and fabric shops, Flower market etc.
• Where to shop: shopping centers, delicatessens, bookstores, etc.
• Walking tours: local food and flower markets
• Where to eat: introduction to Western, Eastern and local dining in the city
• Nightlife: introduction to bars and night clubs
• Cultural tours and famous sightseeing area
Familiarization with Day-to-Day Life in China
• Instructions on how to use public transportation systems: taxis, subway, buses
• Currency info: exchange rates, notes and coins, where to exchange money
• Bank information: which banks to choose, money deposit regulations
• Safety info: where to shop and how to get there, places to avoid, do‘s and don’ts
• Tipping information, bargaining practices
School Search Program
TRE will introduce expatriates and their families to the most suitable international schools and kindergartens in the city, accompany clients to school tours, and assist in registration.
• Information on potential schools and kindergartens that meet the child's needs and interests
• Information including school addresses, names of principals, telephone numbers sand a brief introductory text about desired international and public schools
• Co-ordination of appointments with principals and accompaniment on school visits and tours
• Advice to the transferee about required forms and paperwork
• Assistance with negotiations on admittance (if required)
House Hunting
• Bilingual TRE Senior Consultants-Interface between you and the landlord
• Large property database
• Competitive prices
• Contract negotiation
Assistance Settling In
Assistance for the Z visa application process (including: Health check, Z visa, Working permit residence permit.)
• Free moving services within city
• Shopping for basic essentials, such as: food, appliances, and furniture
• Opening bank accounts
• Registration with local authorities such as embassies or high commissions
• Handyman services, including: renovation or decoration arrangement and repairing work arrangements
• Arrangement of maid service
After-sales Service
• Pre-check property by TRE account manager before move-in
• Accompany & Conduct move-in procedure by TRE account manager and property
• Arrange Maid Service
• Courtesy call one week after the check in
• Courtesy call every 3 months
• Ongoing assistance for technical and maintenance problem
• 24/7 Hotline
We will strive to make your transition to China as smooth as possible in order to add pleasant souvenirs to your trip here upon leaving the country.

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