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about us

About Us

Teamwill Real Estate (TRE) was found 3 Years ago, and has rapidly expanded to become one of the largest real estate consulting companies in Qingdao. We are focused on providing the expatriate community with the highest standards of relocation service available. TRE had one professional property consultancy of the elite team provides our international clients with attentive customer-orientated and value –added services.


Due to our successful operations and excellent customer satisfaction, A lot Expat in Qingdao recognized Teamwill Real Estate as their real estate agency and we continue to pride ourselves on our high quality standard of service and great customer satisfaction.


The aim of TRE Corporate is to provide a one-stop relocation service to large multi-national companies. We have proven expertise in the China real estate market and access to the largest property databases. We maintain excellent relationships with developers and individual landlords; this enables us to provide you with the most cost effective relocation solutions available today.


TRE Corporate has successfully become the preferred agent for many multi-national companies such as TVD, etc. TRE Corporate continuously receives high appraisals from its customers due to its high quality services, and ability to provide a wide range of properties, attractive rental prices and excellent follow –up service.

自从志盟置业公司成立以来,以顺利成为许多跨国企业首选房地产代理公司,例如|:TVD 等等。长期以来,志盟置业公司以其高质量的服务,大量的物业选择,极具吸引力的租金以及细致周到的售后服务,赢得了客户的高度评价。

TRE Corporate is fully aware of the fact that our success hinges closely to our client’s success. We would like to combine our goals and resources with the objectives and needs of our clients, to make sure that each individual client is extremely satisfied. As a result, the HR and Administration will be relieved from the routine and complicated relocation work, so they can concentrate more on the core business of their company in order to achieve even greater success. This way we can form a strong partnership and create a Win-Win situation for everyone involved.


Our Team

We emphasize heavily on teamwork in order to achieve maximum satisfaction for our corporate clients. Our Consultants are transparent in the fact they inform the clients of the good and bad points of each property. Each client is taken good care of by our Corporate Service team:from the Account Managers ﹙who are responsible for the supervision of the whole relocation process and follow up service﹚. Property Consultants as well as the Follow-up Service Staff.

我们非常重视团队之间的合作以使我们的客户最满意。我们的咨询将真实的向客户介绍每个物业的优点。每个客人将得到我们的客户经理  ﹙负责监督和管理整个安家服务及售后服务﹚以及物业顾问和售后服务部的细致周到的服务。

All our employees receive complete training before they start to work with our corporate clients. TRE Corporate staffs that are selected to serve the clients will have at least 3 years real estate leasing agent experience and have worked in TRE for an even longer time. From our previous experiences with other multi-national companies, we are confident to say that our staffs are experienced, highly responsible and very familiar with TRE Corporate service procedures and standards. To sum it up, they can guarantee to provide quality service to all our clients’ employees.


Our Service

Our extensive relocation services are focused on a “Single Point of Contact” to our corporate clients in order to satisfy their relocation needs in Qingdao and China. Our One-stop services cover everything from Orientation &Home Search to managing corporate residential portfolio services. Our target is to help our clients greatly reduce its relocation and administration costs, as well as to achieve maximum customers′ satisfaction and great benefits for them


Corporate Relocation Services

Orientation Service 熟悉环境

Home search 寻找住房

Corporate Tenancy Management 公司租约管理服务

Corporate Administration Assistant 公司行政协助

Corporate Payment Management 公司付款管理

Corporate HR House Policy Consulting HR 公司人事住房政策咨询

Additional Relocation Service 额外的安家服务



Original : ¥RMB22.000/Month
We offer: ¥RMB20.000/Month


Original : ¥RMB6000/Month
We offer: ¥RMB4600/Month


Original : ¥RMB18000/Month
We offer: ¥RMB16200/Month

Office Building

Original : ¥RMB12000/Month
We offer: ¥RMB10000/Month