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Toll-free expressways during 7-day Lunar New Year Holiday in Qingdao


It is learned from a news conference held by Qingdao Municipal Government that from 0:00 o‘clock February 9 to 24:00 o’clock February 15, all the toll highway within Qingdao including Jiaozhou Bay Bridge and Jiaozhou Bay Undersea Tunnel will exempt the toll for passenger cars with fewer than seven seats.
   To address the side effects of the policy, the expressway authority will streamline the passage of cars through toll gates, designate special lanes for cars eligible for the policy, and publish road information in a timely manner and the authority makes emergency-response plan and deploys fire engines and rescue teams at key expressway sections like Jiaozhou Bay Bridge and Jiaozhou Bay Undersea Tunnel that are prone to accidents or congestion.

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